Livestock health care tools and equipments


Integrated Farm and Livestock Solutions

At CMBC, we understand the critical role that advanced tools and equipment play in modernizing livestock farming and enhancing agricultural productivity. Our suite of farm and livestock solutions is meticulously designed to address every aspect of animal care and farm management, ensuring optimal health, welfare and operational efficiency.


1- Essential Tools and Equipment: 
From state-of-the-art feeding and watering systems to health monitoring technologies, we equip farmers with everything needed to minimize wastage, prevent disease, and boost productivity. Our offerings include automatic feeders, silos for grain storage, advanced watering equipment, and much more, all aimed at facilitating a seamless and efficient farming operation.

2- Animal Care and Movement: 
Recognizing the importance of effective livestock handling, we provide an array of equipment including chutes, alleys, crowding tubs, and portable corrals, designed to ensure the safe and stress-free movement of animals. Our focus extends to health care monitoring, offering cutting-edge solutions that empower farmers to maintain the highest standards of animal health and food safety.

3- Infrastructure and Housing: 
Understanding the diverse needs of livestock farming, CMBC offers customized solutions for housing, infrastructure, and pasture management. From barns and sheds to fencing, ventilation and waste management systems, our products and services are tailored to enhance the living conditions of your livestock and the productivity of your land.


    Investing in modern equipment with CMBC is not just a choice but a strategic decision towards a sustainable and profitable future in agriculture. Let us help you optimize your farm operations and ensure the well-being of your animals with our Livestock health care tools and equipments.